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PUBG Mobile

R4 699,00

UC (Unknown Cash) is a form of a credit or game currency in PUBG Mobile, which allows players to purchase a number of premium items such as rare skins and outfits from the PUBG shop. Fortunately, users can now request from or transfer UC money to any of their fellow players or friends in PUBG Mobile. Purchase PUBG UC and enjoy in-game features such as Lucky Spin and Season Pass!


  1. Go to the following link >>>
  2. Enter your Player ID in the box located >>> Click OK
  3. Enter the redemption code you purchased >>> Click OK


  1. Get corresponding items immediately after redemption
  2. Redemption code can only be used once
  3. Please enter your Player ID correctly to avoid delay on receiving your UC.
  4. This service is not available for Japanese / Korean / Taiwan / Vietnam servers

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