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Photo Commander 16


The total service package for your photos

Screenshot photo commandermulti talent

The new Ashampoo Photo Commander 16 is the complete solution to view, edit and organize your photos. Bring order to your collection, optimize multiple images in one go and create calendars, photo cards and entire slideshows with ease. Whether you're a beginner, novice or professional photographer, excellent results are always just a few clicks away.

Automatic photo enhancements

Screenshot photo commander photo optimizer

The built-in auto-correction can turn even the miserablest of snapshots into precious holiday memories by instantly remove scratches, digital noise or red eyes! Multiple auto-features take most of the work off your shoulders and the integrated batch processing can enhance all your photos in one go.

Create collages, calendars and photo cards

Screenshot photo commander slideshows card calendars

Use the many included templates to create photo cards with ease or give in to your love for detail and design your own calendars. Even stunning collages no longer pose no problem! Ashampoo Photo Commander 16 offers a wealth of options to put make your ideas a reality!

Create slideshows

Ashampoo Photo Commander 16 creates slideshows in high definition 4K! New transitions make for more beautiful and versatile scene transitions while added support for more audio formats allows for richer background audio. Finished slideshows are instantly previewable in real time with the new video playbar control.

Present photos in style

Screenshot photo commander present

Whether you're enjoying your photos on your own or with friends, you'll love the new presentation mode. Use your primary display to control the flow and your secondary display to present your photos! Also great for beamers, modify your photos in real time without leaving the presentation!

Set, use and edit geotags

Screenshot photo commander geo tagging

Modern cameras and cellphones use geotagging to save the location of each shot. Ashampoo Photo Commander 16 can add and edit this information and use it to sort your photos. The program can even process this data to determine the exact country, city and street for each photo! Retrace the stages of your vacation on a map and let the program show you where each photo was taken!

Crop and edit photos

Trim your images down to size, straighten horizons or set color accents. Cut out persons and objects or modify perspectives. Apply great effects and go professional with gradation curves and tonal corrections.

A modern, adaptive interface

Screenshot photo commander interface

Ashampoo Photo Commander 16 not only comes with a sleek new look but adapts to your working method. Frequently used functions automatically appear in the quick access menu so they're always just one click away for faster results! Naturally, you can always switch back to the classic view if you prefer that.

Bring order to your photo collection

Ashampoo Photo Commander 16 provides more visual clarity. New file filters enable you to track down photos more efficiently, e.g. by combining location and time-based searches! The flexible group view allows you to instantly select files and preview their EXIF data in the new status bar. Seasoned photographers will appreciate the new decade view that provides a completely new look on their photo collections.

Design and rescue photos

Unleash your creativity with Ashampoo Photo Commander 16! The newly developed panorama function creates breath-taking widescreen images. A built-in automatic takes care of overexposed or faded images for excellent results every time. Multiple included motifs make it incredibly easy to create cards for every occasion.

Set new trends with PNG

PNG is already one of the most common image formats on the Internet with PNG animations posing an interesting alternative to GIF animations. Ashampoo Photo Commander can drastically reduce the file sizes of PNGs to save space and traffic particularly on mobile devices. Animations can also be quickly created, converted or extracted.

Customer wishes fulfilled

We heard you. EXIF and IPTC metadata is now displayed in the status bar and freely editable and exportable. The popular duplicate file finder has been greatly accelerated. Multiple pages can now be scanned in one go and converted into PDF if needed. The always important zoom feature has also been sped up significantly.

Screenshot photo commander user

Over 200 features for your photos in a single program

The new Ashampoo Photo Commander 16 will amaze you right off the bat! The modern user interface will quickly learn your favorite features and adapt itself accordingly for quicker access. Slideshow images now appear in stunning 4K and the new panorama feature will steal the show. Experience more visual clarity with the decade view, benefit from new search filters and the enhanced file selection and work with fresh card designs and new transition effects for your videos. Make the most out of your photos!


Create, present and share  
Perfect panorama feature for widescreen pictures
Slideshows with huge resolutions up to 4K
Flexible calendar creator with customizable start and end dates
More music formats and effects for slideshows
Turn GPS data from JPG and RAW images into concrete locations
Add geotags to individual images with ease
Sort by country, city and street
Find locations through Google Maps, Bing Maps or OpenStreetMap
Control everything on one display and present it on another
Enhanced Ken-Burns effect for portrait and landscape formats
Seamless image transitions without gaps
Extract images from PDF and MP4 files
Faster creation of cards, frames and vignettes
3D photo cards
Create cards from photo collages
Web photo galleries with many styles and settings
Photo mix with unlimited number of images
Photo mix with image effects
Optimized GIF animation creation
Easier card creation with numerous templates
Send as email using browser-based email clients
New print styles for passport photo and lomographic style
Integrated Ashampoo webspace uploader
Completely redesigned wizard for creating video slideshows
Frame-Center: Design and print greeting cards
Improved printing to fit several image copies on a single page
Export images to PDF
Create HTML albums
Create slideshows
Create photo collages
Add frames to images
Create photo mixes
Create TIFF files from multiple images
Burn photos to CD, DVD or Blu-ray
Email photos
Manage and organize  
New search combinations to filter through huge collections quickly
Take the long view: group files by decades
Clearly structured status bar with EXIF view
New and flexible group view with easy file selection
Faster duplicate image finder
More intuitive batch processing with savable settings
Faster navigation with Picture Flow (view 3 images at once)
Support for XMP metadata
Easier selection of multiple files in overview mode
Group files by size for improved clarity
Save as Adobe© Photoshop document (*.psd)
Fully WEBP compatible
Different view modes (miniature, film strip etc.)
Fully Adobe© XMP compatible
Filter files by several criteria (e.g. only JPGs)
Integrated video and audio playback
Create virtual photo albums
Tag photos with custom keywords
Different view modes for photo collections (file explorer, album or calendar)
Batch processing, e.g. convert multiple images into a different format
Fullscreen view for photos and videos
Rotate videos during playback
Scan and import  
Scan multiple pages in a single pass (ADF Scanning)
Create multi-page PDFs in a single scanning pass
New scan wizard
Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive photo import
Smart photo importer
Improved RAW support
Support for MPO and JPS 3D formats
Photo and video import from digital cameras
Improved JPG support with color profiles
Support for Google WebP format
Sort images by EXIF creation date into subfolders
Scan photos
Edit and optimize  
Auto-recovery for overexposed, faded images
PNG optimizer: drastically reduce the file sizes and bandwidth consumption
PNG animations: easily create the successor to GIFs
Cut out persons and objects with ease
Cut out and copy multiple objects at once
Freely adjust image perspectives
Combine perspective and mirror effects
Edit bitmap objects
Create slideshows with MP3 Songs
Color Accent Effect
Effect Center - preview and customize image effects live
Tilt shift tool to turn images into miniature scenes
Effect pen to apply effects with pixel precision
Convert 3D images back into 2D
In-Paint Tool - remove unwanted objects, e.g. scratches and gaps
Repair pen
1-Click optimizer
Improved image adjustments with new gradation curve, histogram views and new controls
Focus effect tool
Automatic dual view mode: directly compare original and altered images
Add texts, shapes, images or drawings to photos
Batch processing, e.g. apply effects to and rotate multiple images
Adjust contrast, brightness, saturation, temperature and gamma settings
Adjust size, crop, rotate or straighten images
Automatically or manually remove red eyes
Miniaturization effect to create miniature photos
Clone areas
Straighten photo horizons
Completely redesigned app-like interface
Adaptive menus for quick access to your favorite features
Clearly structured status bar with EXIF view
Export and edit metadata with ease
Modern video playbar with live image preview
All new miniature bar in viewer
Upgrade-friendly: Automatic import of existing settings
Optimized hardware acceleration
Auto-backup feature to create image backups prior to each modification
Easy scrolling with image mini maps
Requires less disk space
Customizable user interface with skins
Faster program startup
Accelerated photo browsing
Import and export program settings
Touch screen support for Windows® 7, 8 & 10


Operating System

Windows® 10, Windows® 8 / 8.1, Windows® 7


Any computer that supports the above operating systems.

Graphic card:

  • 1280x1024 - 100%
  • 1600x1200 - 150%
  • 2048x1536 - 200%
  • 2560x2048 - 250%


Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 x86 Redistributable


An Internet connection is required to activate the program. The program license is verified repeatedly at regular intervals.

Multiple licenses

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